This is not a paid ad.  I have received no promotional support for this endorsement – I just think these things are cool, and want to tell my friends.

We live in a lovely, wooded area of south Dallas.  We back up to the confluence of two year-round creeks, Crow Creek and Five Mile Creek.  This gives us a fairly lush vegetation, full of towering trees and wildlife – but it also gives us lots of bugs.

I hate spraying chemicals.  I use a few organic pesticides for the vegetables, but I also use a lot of old-fashioned, low-impact non-chemical solutions.  I catch grasshoppers in a net and feed them to the chickens; I encourage the wasps to eat caterpillars from the passionflower vines.  And starting this year, I started using Skeeterbags.

I had read about these last year, but didn’t get around to ordering them.  I tried a home-spun version involving tulle netting and duct tape… let’s just say, I decided that the price of the commercial version was definitely worth the cost.


Basically, it does just what it says on the box.  They’re easy to attach to a standard cheapo-model box fan, and they kill usually between 100 and 200 mosquitoes a night.  One is next to the chickens’ house, and the other is next to the garage.



The mosquitoes are all hanging on to the side of the netting first thing in the morning; by noon, they’re dried up and dead.   Every few days, I empty out the little pile of corpses.  They have definitely made a significant impact on the yard’s population.  Living next to year-round water, we’re never going to be mosquito-free, but we’ve gone from “I’m being eaten alive if I step out the door” to being able to walk over and check on the chickens without getting bitten.

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  1. Rebecca Sheperd
    Rebecca Sheperd says:

    I agree whole heatedly. These bags are easy to use, and very inexpensive. The two I have work very well.

  2. Hitch
    Hitch says:

    I went and looked at that site. They are apparently a puppy mill as well as selling these skeeter bags. Dog lovers should not support them.

  3. kizanworms
    kizanworms says:

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  4. hana saromi
    hana saromi says:

    how did the skeeterbag kill the mosquitoes? are there chemicals on the net or something?

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