Silk Educational Handouts

These are handouts about silk and silkworms that I use when I do educational presentations for schools, museums, and fairs.

One is aimed at younger kids, with more pictures and simpler wording: ; PDF file, 739K

The other is aimed at adults or older kids, with just a couple of pictures and a lot of dense text: PDF file, 40K

The kids handout is so much bigger because of the images.

These print out as a double-sided page, or two single pages.

The photographic images are my own photos; the line drawings are taken from out-of-copyright books I found on the Web.

The handouts may be used for educational purposes, as long as they are printed complete and without alteration.

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  1. Anne Diss
    Anne Diss says:

    Dear Mr Cook,Thank you for your wonderful site! Two fourth graders are going to interview me about butterflies so I’ve had to read up on these (I’m a high school science teacher so have a reputation to live up to!). The wonders of Internet led me to your site, and I’m tempted to try raising silkworms now, although I’m not sure how they’ll fare here (we’re in France). Your site is one I intend to visit regularly, thank you for creating such beautiful works!
    Bonne soiree, Anne

  2. Michael
    Michael says:

    Anne, Thank you for your kind words! Silkworms should grow just fine in much of France, if you have the mulberry. I know they were raised in France and much of Europe for many years. I have gotten eggs from the Isituto per Bachicoltura in Padova; they may be able to send you some. If not, then Worldwide Butterflies in the UK can sell you some!

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