Not a Vine at All

My first thought was, “Hmm, the hyacinth bean vine has started growing onto the ailanthus bush.  But something didn’t seem quite right…

And, not a great surprise in this yard… it’s a beautiful little snake.

Such a sweet little face!  I think it’s a Rough Green Tree Snake, Opheodrys aestivus.

He crawled onto the fence for just a little bit, trying to escape my annoying camera; he was probably 16 to 18 inches long, and no bigger around than my little finger.

Once I backed off, though, he literally sprang back into the small tree, which was clearly where he felt more at home.

Charlotte has been missing for a couple of weeks.  She was back, looking slim (having divested herself of a sac full of eggs, I assume!) and missing a leg.  On top of it all, her handwriting (ass-writing?) has gone way downhill…

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  1. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    Hi Michael – thanks again for id’ing the spider in my garden! I just posted more photos of it. And not one nightmare yet!

  2. Gwytherinn
    Gwytherinn says:

    What a lovely snake. Came here through Ravelry and I just love your blog!! So fascinating to read about and see pictures of all the different creatures that populate your garden. Also, the queen replacement post was particularly fascinating… think I’ll have to pick up a book on bee keeping just to learn more.

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