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I’m going to be reeling silk at the State Fair of Texas! I’ll be there each Sunday and Monday for the run of the Fair *except* for Monday, October 3. I’m on at 2 PM at the Texas Discovery Gardens.

Here’s some press about it:

The Observer did some “creative fact-finding” and added some stuff that wasn’t in the press release. They used the photo, though, which makes me happy!

The Guide follwed the script a little more closely.

The Dallas Morning News did a similar brief listing, but they make you register to read it – I haven’t seen the print version yet to see if they included a photo or not.

Soanyways – if anyone wants to come see me reel silk and wave my bugs around, I’ll be there! Let me know if you’re coming so I can look for you.

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  1. badcat42077
    badcat42077 says:

    I foud this on the DMN website “Silk reeling demonstrations: Michael Cook, textile artist, reels silk threads from butterfly cocoons. 2 p.m. Oct. 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17 and 23.”

    It’s attached to a link to the Discover Gardens website, and you’re listed in the “Events” section.

    I hope to come by Sunday. =)

  2. jellybean71
    jellybean71 says:

    Oh I wish I could be there for you! And to finally meet you!

    However, you will be proud to know that I am almost done my research and am looking at starting to purchase the cocoons and spinning on my own …

    Break a leg Oakenking!!!!


  3. selkie_b
    selkie_b says:

    That’d be a mighty LONG drive! 🙂 ’bout the only exciting thing I did at the Minnesota State Fair this year was take third place for my heirloom tomatoes…*laugh*

    Do really wish I could meet you, and especially to see you silk reeling!

    Break a leg!

  4. admin
    admin says:

    Hee.. thanks! I know a lot of folks are far away – but hopefully I’ll be able to see some TX LJ’ers.

    Congrats on the tomatoes – what kind? My aunt used to raise one the heirloom yellow varieties, because it was gentler on her digestion.

  5. darthcynthia
    darthcynthia says:

    Oh how cool for you! Do you know I’ve never even been to the State Fair and I’ve lived here all my life?

    Have fun and I hope you get a nice crowd from those articles 😀

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks! 🙂 They were Caspian Pinks this year, very tasty! Last year I took a 2nd with German Red Strawberry – another excellent one for slicing and canning. I love heirlooms – I’ve found on the whole they have tons more flavor and make the best sauces and salsa.

  7. selkie_b
    selkie_b says:

    Thanks! 🙂 They were Caspian Pinks this year, very tasty! Last year I took a 2nd with German Red Strawberry – another excellent one for slicing and canning. I love heirlooms – I’ve found on the whole they have tons more flavor and make the best sauces and salsa.

  8. fiberaddict
    fiberaddict says:

    Our fair day is the 10th, and I’m off..but I don’t know if we’ll make it out there or not (the Bedford Highland Games are the 8 and 9..so I’m going to be pretty bushed).

    If we go, we’ll be sure to look you up!

  9. hattorihanzotx
    hattorihanzotx says:

    That’s really great to be able to showcase your talents at such a well attended event. You will probably have a lot of interest in your booth. Of course, you will have to explain your craft to Ma and Pa Kettle as they wolf down their corn dog or funnel cake, but, hey, you don’t know who just might stop by. It could be someone that may want to make you rich! I hope I can make it out there. I have never been to the fair.

  10. loveisagypsy
    loveisagypsy says:

    Oddly enough, I hopped on here just to look for YOU as you hadn’t posted in awhile 🙂 Nice to know you’ll be right down the road from me. I’m trying to talk the signifigant other into attending, I have my fingers crossed!

  11. greyfortholly
    greyfortholly says:

    Seeing that picture icon of your sweet smiling face is as exciting as the pictures you post of your work. I don’t know if it’s because I now associate you with your work so strongly (and am always excited by it), maybe. You do have the sweetest smile though. Thanks for keeping us up to date with what’s going on with your craft.

  12. misoranomegami
    misoranomegami says:

    Better late than never

    I finally made it out to the fair today and caught the lecture! It was really great. Even after reading your website I feel like I learned a lot more about the process. I was posting however to ask if you saw the Japanese doll om the crafts exhibition hall? She’s towards the butter Elvis and she appears to be holding a zakuri! Or she’s holding something of a similar shape on a long stick with white string wrapped around it and going down the stick. ^.^ It’s very cute though!

  13. admin
    admin says:

    Re: Better late than never

    Hey! I’m glad you made it out. I didn’t see the Japanese doll – I have seen some photos previously, though, of dolls with silk bobbins. I’ll have to look for that one in the cabinets there.

  14. admin
    admin says:

    I’ve read about it, but haven’t ever tried it (yet!)

    I’m wanting to get into natural dyes, though. I’ve got some of the stuff now, just need to find the right project.

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