Kid & Ewe

I’m going to Kid & Ewe & Lamas Too this weekend. I’m guessing that it’s “Lamas” meaning “Members of Genus Lama” so that includes all the South American camelids – rather than Lamas of the Tibetan variety.

I’m going to be doing two workshops (or one long workshop in two parts, depending on how you want to look at it) on tablet weaving – the first covers how to warp and do basic patterns like stripes, checks, and solids, and the second covers three decorative techniques: double-face, Egyptian Diagonals, and Brocade.

Who else is gonna be there? I know some of y’all go – definitely stop and say howdy if you do!

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  1. admin
    admin says:

    Re: blessings and worms

    I love when the ladies sit with the angora bunnies in their laps, spinning from the fur right off the bunny.

    Did you know that alpacas hum?

  2. molasses
    molasses says:

    Re: blessings and worms

    come on. really?
    they knit the fur right off the bun?

    i love alpacas, have not heard them singing (each to each) and i love you.

    i think they should move vancouver to texas or other way around.

  3. huaman
    huaman says:

    I won’t be there, heeee, but my friend Glenna is doing a workshop and I supplied her fibers. 😉 Glenna is awesome, and a charkha and spindle evangelist.

  4. admin
    admin says:

    Yeah, Glenna’s a sweetheart – she’s one of my festival buds. She and I hang out at Folk Life Festival a lot. I’ll have to check out your stuff!

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