I’m subtitled!

My friend Julie Hwang saw the AMNH Silk Road exhibit in Taipei, and sent me this photo of my video!  I knew that the exhibit was going to be traveling the world, but somehow I didn’t immediately process the fact that it was going to be subtitled in all these languages.  I can recognize the word “silk,” but that’s about as far as my understanding goes.

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  1. Jing
    Jing says:

    邁克.爾庫克 was supposed to be your name, although I think they should put the “.” after “爾”, so the correct version should be 邁克爾.庫克.

    蠶絲儂 means silk farmer.

    蠶絲業是養蠶和製絲的科學 can be translate to silk industry is the science about raising silkworms and producing silk

  2. Fernando Razo
    Fernando Razo says:

    Wow, i saw that video a couple months ago when i started researching about sericulture, then i joined the ravelry sericulture group and saw all your posts but until now i didn´t realized it was you the one in the video!

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