If You Can’t Bee Tough…

Look tough.

I saw this bumblebee flying around the garden. Except, kind of like the SpiderAnt – it wasn’t moving quite right. It didn’t land heavily on flowers, secure in its huge sting-y power… it hovered delicately, sipping nectar. Like the HUMMINGBIRD MOTH that it is! Busted!

Chris planting irises.

The sheet mulching is pretty much done; we’re looking for the right stone for edging, and we need to get plants in the ground. It’s starting to heat up here; lots of things wilt by mid-day, because their pots of soil aren’t big enough.

Herb bed. We’ve got several kinds of mint, lemon balm, two oreganos, sage, chives, dill, tarragon, thyme… a little bit of everything. It’s still a little experimental – it’s shady much of the day, but with bright, sun-dappled shade, so we’ll see if herbs like it.

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