How to Get Your Rocks Off

After much calling around, visits to stone yards, and sampling of various rocks, we decided to trim our beds with four-inch chopped “Blanco” limestone. It arrived today, on a huge muscular truck with a built-in hook lift.

I was puzzling over how they would get the skids off the truck – the guy said they use a forklift. They wrapped the skids with heavy-duty straps (woven, I checked!) and lifted them down. Each skid is about a ton and a quarter, or 2500 pounds.

This is what we’re going to do with them. We’re planning to trim the flower beds all along the edges which border the sidewalk or the driveway, and the beds in front that border the lawn.

As the guys were unloading the stone, I noticed a hawk wheeling overhead. As I watched, one of our neighborhood crows came out and chased it off.  We live at the junction of Crow Creek and Five Mile Creek – it makes me happy to have crows nesting in the woods across the creek.  Hawks eat chickens.  So far as I know, crows don’t.

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  1. Shelly
    Shelly says:

    Crows eat baby birds (among other things), and hawks eat rabbits, gophers and rats, at least around my house. I’d rather have the hawks. The limestone is beautiful.

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