Hit Counter / Tracker suggestions?

I want to put a hit counter on the pages on wormspit.com, and I know basically nothing about them. I am using DreamWeaver to edit the site, and I know just enough about it to get the site up, but not to do anything particularly clever.

Anyone have suggestions for a hit counter? I’d really love one of the kind where I can keep track of who visits and the referring page(s), but the information I’ve seen about that involves a lot of complicated code. Is there a source for that in a neat tidy uncomplicated package?

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  1. mariora
    mariora says:

    I use statcounter on my blog http://www.statcounter.com/

    I get who visits and referring pages etc. You just copy and paste the code they give you where you want it on the page. Easy peasy.

    I use the free version. There’s paid versions that give you more info though.

  2. rixende
    rixende says:

    Who hosts your website? A lot of that information should be available through their reports, depending on what account type you have. I love the concept of a hit counter, but i hate the free ones out there.

  3. admin
    admin says:

    I’ve got the website through godaddy.com . As I said, I don’t understand a lot of the technical aspect of it – but I think that with the el-cheapo package I have, it doesn’t come with a lot of reports.

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