Found: US source for Pony needles!

The folks at Pony told me that Kirstin at Muench Yarns carries their needles. I checked the Muench Yarns website, and was only able to find their KNITTING needles… but after a couple of emails, I got in touch with Kirstin herself, and she does indeed have them! She has the 9, 10, 11, and 12 sizes, all in the gold eye.

From her email:

I do have the Embroidery Crewels in sizes 9,10,11,12 in stock. They are with
a gold eye. Funny, I do not remember anymore why I have them, I believe it
was a special order, but I thought to order 500 each extra at the time.

I am a wholesale distributor, and do not sell directly to the public, so I
would need to have any inquires go directly to where I
would set up a customer service person to handle the needle inquiries.

The prices are as follows :
Size 9- 16 needles per package $1.50 each pkg of 16 needles
Size 10-16 needles per package $1.50 each pkg of 16 needles
Size 11-12 needles per package $1.50 each pkg of 12 needles
Size 12-12 needles per package $1.50 each pkg of 12 needles

So! Anybody who wants to get the Pony crewel needles, she’s got them, and they’re inexpensive, and they’re in the US!

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  1. eowyna
    eowyna says:

    Thank you! I will also pass this information on to Hedgehog Handworks — she does retail sales, and perhaps something can be worked out.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    I really wish somebody in the US had the gold-plated ones… those are AWESOME. It seems that this kind of fine-thread work, like stitch painting, etc., is catching on more and more lately – maybe it’ll reach a point where it’s worth it for one of the needlework shops to stock these.

  3. eowyna
    eowyna says:

    Joady at Hedgehog contacted the person mentioned here, and so she will be carrying the needles for retail sale. I figure that the thing to do is show her that there is a market, by encouraging people to buy them from her. Most of her business is mail-order, so it need not be just locals.

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