Dream 20080624, 6:40 AM: The Zoo of Giant Trees

Dream 20080624, 6:40 AM:

I’m in a zoo-like place – it reminds me a lot of the Dallas World Aquarium, with the long spiraling walkway leading through it. I’m with a group of young people; it seems like some of them are mentally handicapped. We walk through area after area, with VERY unusual animals walking freely amongst us; there are things like bears and giraffes that I recognize, but then there are also strange never-were type animals, like this one mouse with a very long neck and a strange triangular head that looked like it was going to try to eat my eyeballs. I wasn’t afraid; it was funnier than anything, like apparent playing “got your nose” with a baby.

I remember there is some drama with one of the people in the group losing a small red item, like a sock, or a mitten, to a polar bear in the exhibit. She scolds the polar bear, who is mortified and runs outfox the exhibit to go get a replacement. There is similar drama about bead from a set of earrings.

Many of the trees in this place are hugely hollow – like a whole family home could easily fit inside. I look into a couple; some of the hollows go upward, and some go both up and down. I see one that has a household laid out in it; I remember seeing pottery and some pieces of fabric or rugs. It reminds me of displays of Native American pueblo housing.

As I walk past one area, I notice that there is a board with pricing for all the finishes – the stone pathway underfoot, the surface of the trees, the different plants. It’s like you could order it and have your living room finished in “jungle.” I stand next to an elevator, and two richly-but-scantily dressed young black women are talking about getting one of the zoo animals as a pet.

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