Chickens Don’t Like the Snow

We got a little snow last night.

It snowed a couple of inches yesterday, but then melted off, and snowed again overnight.  This morning, we had just a dusting on everything, but it was all fluffy and frozen.

I always think our house looks best with snow on it.

The garden got just enough snow to look forlorn, without getting enough to look Winter Wonderland.

I opened up the coop, and the chickens all huddled in the back, giving me a beady-eyed glare that clearly stated, “Screw this cold white stuff, we’re staying inside.”

A handful of hen scratch eventually lured them out…

… except for Freebird, who decided that she didn’t like the snow AT ALL, and kept walking back and forth in the un-snowy space under the eaves.

She was clearly torn – she really wanted the corn, but she was afraid of the snow.

I eventually gave her a little bit of corn under the eaves.

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