Charlotte Changes

I looked at the spider web, and saw something weird hanging in the middle… I thought, “Aww, something killed Charlotte.”  But, it turned out, it was something entirely more wonderful.

Charlotte was changing her skin.

The knees are always the hardest part…

And, she’s out.

She hung like this, soft-bodied and vulnerable, until it was too dark for the camera to get a good shot.

The skin is just a pale husk; all the color seems to be in the spider.

So I came back the next day, and got a good picture of her fresh outfit.  She moved and built a new web, too, so everything is nice and fresh.

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  1. Linda S.
    Linda S. says:

    Have you noticed that when you look at the brown along Charlotte’s back it looks like a mayan sculpture with a tall headdress and hands on hips? ;o)

  2. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    oh my gosh! Pretty crazy changes. I didn’t know spiders did this! Thanks for id’ing the spider for me and providing the great info.

  3. Chars Gardening
    Chars Gardening says:

    I had seen Wendys post about this spider and then today saw one in my yard. I went back to her post hoping someone had answered and yes you had. I think it’s great you call your spider charlotte, also my name. 🙂 Had enough of those jokes growing up. I’ve never seen a spider shed, nice pictures.

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