Bees Hatching Out

I had another nice visit with the bees.  I’m getting much more of a handle on the process and the feel of working through the frames.

Her Maj the Q continues to lay a lot of eggs.  The bees are no longer taking the sugar syrup, so I hope they’re putting up some real honey.  Lots of pollen in there too!

Itty bitty baby bees.  I’ve had plenty of insect metamorphosis around me – but it still amazes me that these tiny grubs lying in puddles of goo are bee larvae.

Any of my bee peeps know what’s going on here?  It looks like a wispy cocoon that’s gotten some dirt on it.

About-to-be-capped pupae.  You can see the cap starting to build over the bottom of the three.  Their eyes are purple, and this is the first time I’ve ever really SEEN the three simple eyes on the forehead.

A new bee chewing its way out of the cell.

And a little video of the same bee.

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