Bees are Doing Well!

I inspected the hive again this evening after work, and got to show Chris’s parents all (of what little I know so far) about the bees.

The queen is doing her job, laying like mad.  This is one busy little frame of comb – it’s honey along the top (although I’m pretty sure it’s “honey” made from the sugar syrup I’ve been feeding them), and pollen below that, and open brood below that, and some capped brood in the middle bottom.  She appears to be laying in a good radial pattern, although there are some odd honey cells in the midst of the bees.  I think this will even out once there is more drawn comb.

HM the Q.  I think it’s cool that only one of her wings is clipped.  She certainly has done a good job so far;  I look forward to seeing all her lovely children start hatching in another week or ten days.

Chris and his mom and Dad.   And a little better perspective on the insane amount of honeysuckle.

Passiflora x “Incense.” This hybrid makes these amazing grape-purple flowers all summer long; they’re about the size of my palm.

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