More macro-closeups. Caterpillars behind the cut.

The tiny claws amuse me. They look so much like cat claws. Only like cat claws X 10 -3

I’m really pleased with the focus level in this one. For some reason, the auto-focus on the macro has difficulty getting focused fully on the white worms, but does much better on the colored ones.

I love how wiggly the hairs are – it makes it look like he has bed-head.

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  1. morganalilith
    morganalilith says:

    wow. i’m really impressed. i’m not so good with macro photography. granted, my camera has nowhere near the megapixels that yours has. but still. 😛

    and your critters are sooooooooo cool.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    Yeah – I got a couple of daylight bulbs, and by arranging them right I can get much better focus – but the white worms still seem to be more trouble than anything with texture or color.

    I’ve ordered a closeup and a macro lens; I’m looking forward to seeing what I can get with those.

  3. admin
    admin says:

    These are just with the macro “tulip” button – I’ve got an actual macro lens and some diopter filters on order, so we’ll see what that can catch. I’m hoping I can get slightly better depth of field on some of this stuff.

  4. rexenne
    rexenne says:

    Canon is the best!

    IMHO, Canon Camera’s are the best out there when it comes to digital photography. I won’t get anything else because of my dissapointments in the past with other brands. Samsung is natorious (sp?) for having crappy products…and I have experienced it first hand. *shutter* Go Canon, all the way!

  5. monkeyspinner
    monkeyspinner says:


    You had sent me a few tussahs. They died ( of natural casues)before I had an entomology class, but I used a dried one to take a picture with a ball of yarn for my photogrpahy class. I will post a picture on my. But yours are very very pretty alive.

  6. badgermoonhare
    badgermoonhare says:


    Hi there,

    Hiro(aphasia) directed me to your journal, and I must say that I think your pictures are just wonderful. Not least for showing that the world is wonderful, which I reckon can not be repeated (or shewn, as Blake would say), too often.

    I took the liberty of adding you as a friend and I will look very much forward to reading more about silks and moths and occasional cruises.

    Yes, glad to have found you. Kindest regards and best wishes, David

  7. admin
    admin says:

    Re: Hello

    Well, howdy!

    Welcome to my journal. I friended you as well. I don’t usually put much behind a friends-lock, but there is the occasional dream entry.

  8. badgermoonhare
    badgermoonhare says:

    Re: Hello

    Thanks a bundle 🙂

    I think I could count on one hand the number of times anyone has ever said ‘howdy’ to me. I am giddy with novelty (and some sleepyness).

  9. badgermoonhare
    badgermoonhare says:

    Re: Hello

    No, it doesn’t happen much at all, unless perhaps at theme parties or so. The best we can do is “daw” (pronounced like ‘dow,’ short for “goddag” – good day). I think that is the equivalent of howdy. It is what I would probably say if I was hitchhiking and a farmer picked me up and I wanted to make him feel at ease.

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