Slashed and Burned, Again

Thank you to several of my friends for pointing this out – my blog got hacked.

Since then, I have uninstalled and reinstalled WordPress three times, deleted all of my databases… and still kept getting hacked. I’m hoping that this time, I’ve got it sorted. If you see this come up in your news reader with something like “Buy C*alis” (not starred out) as a header, please let me know. It SHOULD say “Slashed and Burned, Again” at the top.

Weaving on the Knotwork Necklace

I’ve warped up and started weaving on the knotwork necklace ribbon.  The knots are coming out a little bulkier than I had thought – I’m going to end up with fewer of the big square beads on it, but it should be fine otherwise.

I’m very pleased with the beads along the edge.  The photo doesn’t show their color well – they’re a “purple iris” that changes from purple through bronze and green to blue, as you turn them in the light.

SNOWPOCALYPSE – the Dallas version

We woke up this morning to a Winter Wonderland outside. This is the view from our bedroom window.  It’s lovely living in the treetops.

After the morning brightened a little, this is the view across the creek from the back yard.

The house looks really at home in snow – this Cape Cod style with its steep roof is really built for it.

They’re predicting an overnight accumulation of four to six inches – I’ve never seen snow like this in the 15 years I’ve lived in Dallas.

Preparing for the Knotwork Necklace – making yarn, sketching

I’m still in the sketch-and-make-yarn stages on this one.

image title
The “sketch” – this is a paper strip of roughly the width I’m aiming for, with a knotwork pattern. The knots won’t be quite like this one, but this is as close as I could get with Celtic Knot font.

I’m debating whether the dagger beads (the dangly, pointy ones) should go all the way around (like they are on the right, but the whole length) or if they should be only on the front V part, like how they are on the left.

image title
The yarn: this is 820 yards of 40d3×3 organzine; the background is going to be black, and the knotwork part gold.

Hopefully I get it skeined up, boiled off, and dyed tomorrow.

image title

The yarn, it is tiny.