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The Spin Off Annual Retreat was a blast. I had an amazing time, learned a LOT, met fantastic people… and took only a tiny number of photos. It was like going to the yarn store, and pulling a couple dozen of the best books and putting them into a basket… and they magically turn into the charming authors. Meeting all these fiber luminaries was overwhelming. Some of the people I got to meet that you might know: Judith MacKenzie McCuin, Abby Franquemont, Nancy Bush, Deb Menz, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Patsy Zawistoski, Sara Lamb, Robin Russo, Amy Clarke Moore, Linda Ligon, Phreadde, Jan Louet, and the other Jan from Louet, Mr. and Mrs. Strauch… and many more that are slipping my mind. I was in total overload mode.

Me and Patsy Z

Me and Patsy Z

I traveled on Thursday. The plane flights were uneventful if a bit crowded, and I got to the Allentown Airport in good time. I got to ride to the site with Elizabeth, who was excellent company and helped to soothe my newbie nerves. The country was hilly and beautiful. We got there just in time to run around and meet some people before dinner. I set up my kit in a lounge, and did some silk reeling on Thursday evening. If anybody has any photos of me, I’d love to get some… I was too busy reeling and talking, to make people use my camera.

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Canon is the best!

More macro-closeups. Caterpillars behind the cut.

The tiny claws amuse me. They look so much like cat claws. Only like cat claws X 10 -3

I’m really pleased with the focus level in this one. For some reason, the auto-focus on the macro has difficulty getting focused fully on the white worms, but does much better on the colored ones.

I love how wiggly the hairs are – it makes it look like he has bed-head.