Finally finished: Mom's Silk Lace Scarf

This is a project that I’ve been fiddling with for quite a while. I finally got it finished up, blocked, pressed, and gifted the week before Christmas. The photos have been hanging out in the camera since then – finally, all the *other* holiday business is done, so I got a chance to fiddle with them.

I got to experiment with pressing silk lace with a steam iron – and I definitely like the effect!

Tussah Silk Lace – photos and more details

I know this is off the beaten path for my journal – nothing to do with Dreamland or the textile arts – but I think there are probably a lot of folks on my Friends List who would enjoy this link as much as I have!

Green Linnet is a site that sells Celtic music albums. Lots of traditional stuff, like Tannahill Weavers, but also more modern interpretations.

The coolest part? You can listen to WHOLE ALBUMS at a time for free on the Internet! It sure helps figure out what I want to buy, and it keeps me entertained at the office.