Taste the Rainbow of Wool Flavors….

Okay, so I want to experiment with color in felting. And all the sources I have read, stress the fact that for color-work like intarsia and Fair Isle/Nordic to felt up evenly, it has to be the exact same wool, preferably the same brand.

I was at the Goodwill sweater-diving again, and found a beautiful “sheep white” (creamy natural color) sweater. I have a range of acid dyes, from my work with silk… so I started playin’. I know that I’ll want to do more subtle, over-dyed type shades at some point in the future, but this will allow me to test and see if individual colors affect the felting process. I’m still working on exactly what kind of piece I’m going to do first – something small, maybe just another little bag. They’re like swatches you can use.

So, without further ado… Roll Up and Dye…

Little Red Bobble Bag


This post is mostly instructions on how I made the little red bag; it’s like the big red bag, only, little. With surface texture and BOBBLES! They felt up so CUTE! The images are all medium-sized, but there are a lot, so it may take a while to load.

Now, on to the fELt1nG Pr0N!!!