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  1. Flannel, smile, facial hair and a wonder with silk. What else could a boy want?

    Seriously, you look great. Wonder if the DMV would let you use that picture?

  2. Well, wow, what a cutie-pie.

    I was thinking of you on Sunday when I went to Magic Wings butterfly and moth conservatory LOTS of newly emergent moths of some spectacular type, probably a Saturnid of some kind…made me think of the Cercropias that bought from you, and which I helped him raise a second generation from. 🙂

  3. I’ve had some variation of buzz for the past couple of years. I usually cut it myself, with a #000 on the sides and a #2 on the top. This is like a week grown out.

  4. OH MY GOD! TOO CUTE! I’m a BIG animal person and if you were single I’d say THOSE were the catch you some tail photos to post around. 😉
    Thanks for sharing hun!

  5. I’m submitting a profile for an in-the-works book: Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them.

    I figure they can pick which ones they like. I just wish the light had been as good in the doggy photos, as in the other one. Didn’t have access to dog and daylight at the same time.

  6. And in that first photo… you can’t tell (except by the look on my face!) that she had just given me this fly-by French kiss… it’s like she’s got some sort of magic frog tongue – you say something, and ZAP she gets you, and then it’s gone.

  7. WOW that’s a REALLY specific book title! 😉

    Well ya can’t have dogs and light that’s just not fair. TOO many good things for one person at one time. Stuff explodes.

  8. The cuteness of doom! It burns! I’m mel-t-i-ng………
    You have a happy little family there.

    Shall I send you the braids to play with when they come out of my hair? 😀

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