The Great Bronze Key from the Book of the Red Clue

This is from a book that I’m working on writing for my own use – sort of a dreamwork version of a Book of Shadows. The Red Clue is a ball of yarn which I use as a dream and visualization tool – it has built up quite a bit of dreamworld resonance since I’ve been working with it. The red linework that will appear throughout the Book is the Red Clue showing up in various metamorphosed forms – this one is Celtic knotwork. It will probably appear later on as a river, an EKG heartbeat line, an EEG dream spindle line, a spider’s web, a vine stem, etc., etc…

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    admin says:


    I’ll post some more when I get the pages worked up. It’s one of those things that I can only work on when in *just* the right mood… some of the artefacts are suggested by dreams, some I work on more consciously. I want to have one page on how to work transportation magic with doors, or using Go Cards (a dream idea – like the Amber trumps from Zelazny) and other tools.

  2. limner
    limner says:

    On the line thing:

    That sounds like a really great idea, and one which, used with sophistication (as it seems you will), will be just as good in execution as it is in theory. Something that would make others reading it feel like they had some connection, some ‘in on it’ communication with the book.

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