Dream: The Lucid Dreaming Workshop LUCID

Dream 20021211, 6:45 AM: This is one of those weird dream-about-dreaming-within-a-dream dreams… just for clarity, I didn’t wake up in real life until the very end.

I’m sitting in a small, curtained-off area that reminds me of a hospital ward; there are white thin drapes on all four sides of the space I’m in, and it gives the impression of a row of similar spaces. There are two other people here sitting with me, one is a heavy-set woman, and the other is a young man, and some vague person is standing and talking to us. The three of us are in black plastic stack chairs. It seems like we’re getting a lecture or explanation of some sort. I’m taking notes on a little 3×5 pad with a spiral at the top, using a pencil.

We are getting instructions about how to lucid dream. One of the instructions (I have like 3 or 4 written down the page, numbered) is to get closer – I look at the woman, and she thinks that it means that I’m going to lean over next to her; but instead, I put my feet up on the edge of the young man’s chair. We’re sort of facing one another in a triangle, and he is sitting with his legs turned, so there is a little part of his chair empty. We laugh, like it was an innovative solution to the instruction. I notice that my writing is becoming messy and hard to read as it goes further down the page. I am able to read it, though, and it doesn’t seem to shift, although I don’t remember to re-read.

Then, I’m up and walking down the outside of the row of curtained spaces. I am rubbing my hands together, and I know that once I can get the correct sensation indicating that my dream body is operational, I’ll be able to get lucid. I try to feel the roof of my mouth with my tongue, and that causes too much real-body sensation, and I decide it’s not a good idea because I might wake myself.

Finally, I get the sensation I was expecting – a sort of tingling warmth, and I know that it means that my dream body is fully engaged. I become more lucid, and I decide that what I want to do is fly. I am somehow (without apparent transition) in Grandmother’s old house in the woods, and I open the front door and step off of the porch and fly into the air. There are not as many trees as there were at the house in real life. I fly through the air a little bit, and enjoy the sensation of flight. I don’t go far, though, before I wake.

I wake up, and find myself back in the same Grangerland house. I take off my Nova Dreamer mask and sit up; there is someone, perhaps two people, here with me in the bedroom; I tell them something about how lucid dreaming is a budget issue. One of them says something about how it shouldn’t be a budget issue, and I explain that it’s at least an issue with the available budget of REM sleep. Then, I tell them that I’ve just had a lucid dream, and I need to go and record it before I forget, and that I’ll be in for class as soon as I’m done with that. Then, I wake (for real).

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