Dream: Lucidity Sampler

Dream 20021226, 7:45 AM:

This was an odd series of very short lucid dreams. I think that although I was clearly dreaming, and also clearly lucid, I kept slipping in and out of sleep. At a couple of points, I got to sit back and watch as hypnogogic patterns rolled around before my eyes, and tried to resolve into scenes. My intention with this lucid dream was to travel to the monastery where I had visited before seeking Spirit Food; it involved a very specific style of seated flying, and I wanted to try to recreate that and also explore further at the monastery. I didn’t get there, but at least remembered parts of my intention. Some of this became kind of blurry because I fell asleep again after the sequence of dreams; I think there may have been one or two more little snippets that were lucid when I was dreaming them, but forgotten after I fell back asleep.

Country and Western Dance Floor:

I’m standing on a pathway that surrounds a square wooden dance floor. There are a few men dancing, but more standing around the edges of the floor watching. The path is probably four feet wide, so there is plenty of space; there is a rail between the floor and the pathway, and another one on the outside of the pathway space. I don’t remember anything about the space other than that – I don’t think there is a bar, or lights, or any other space, just a blank outside the pathway. I realize that I’m dreaming, and want to go somewhere; I walk along the pathway around the edge of the dance floor, trying to find a way out of it, and brush up against a couple of people, but don’t get anywhere. It seems like there is just void beyond the dance floor area. I wake up, but don’t move.

Anthills in the Back Yard

I slip back into sleep. I find myself in Mom and Dad’s house, aware that I am dreaming. I remember that I want to do the seated flying technique, and I go out into the back yard to find a place to start from. I am doing a little dance-like movement to keep the buzz in my body; it seems like it is helping me stay dreaming and stay lucid. It’s like I need to have “sensory” input from my dream body. I walk out of the back porch and past the barbecue grill, and start looking around for a place to sit; I want a grassy spot for some reason. I see several that look likely, but as I approach each one, I realize that it’s got a large anthill in the middle. I fade to black, and find myself lying in bed again.

Paralyzed, with Fright

This was the first sleep-paralysis experience I’ve had in quite a while. I “wake” to find myself in the bedroom where I really am sleeping, although my perspective seems off – it looks like I am sleeping with my head at the foot of the bed. I can feel the terrifying feeling of being paralyzed, with an odd sense of tingling in my body; I realize that I am dreaming and in sleep paralysis, and decide that I’m going to transform this into a lucid dream opportunity. I don’t know how to accomplish it, though, because my dream body feels paralyzed, and I don’t know how to separate it from my sleeping body. The room seems somewhat grainy and dim, and then I fade back to black.

Coffee at Trumeau

I am in a shop; it seems like Trumeau, but also a little unlike, it is much larger and has a section at the back that is like a food service area. It kind of reminds me of Marty’s. I am talking to someone here about the bath seltzers, and if she needs to reorder; she looks around and doesn’t see any, and says that she probably does. I look around, and find some of the seltzers, wrapped in napkins inside zip-lok bags. There is writing in black marker on the napkins, and some on the bags. I think these have either been put together for an order, or have been purchased by someone who will pick them up later. I think the writing is the names of the people who bought them. The shopkeeper is telling me something about how they used to have coffee here; there is a big area in the back with white counters and machines, and somebody is working with one of the machines like they’re making something. This dream doesn’t have the full-on lucid feeling, but I definitely felt partial dream-awareness; I remember going down the aisles in mid-air, and thinking that this place was like Trumeau, but also not the real place.

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