Dream: Tasting the Soda Straw LUCID ND C

Dream 20020927, 7:00 AM:

I remember one little dreamlet as I was nodding off to sleep. I was hearing hypnogogic voices, and then I find myself in a bathroom talking with Jeff from Diamond. I think I was shaving. The bathroom is all tiled, and reminds me of a restroom in a truck stop or something like that – all the fixtures seem heavy-duty and easy to clean. The mirror is small and steel-framed above a porcelain sink. I don’t remember what we talk about.

Then I find myself sitting at my office desk. I am over to the right of where I normally sit, in front of the calendar. Joanna is here, helping me clean off my desk. She is handing me stuff that needs to be filed, and I am taking care of it piece by piece. She passes me a book that reminds me of my artwork portfolio, with a fancy cover and black paper pages. I don’t really open it up, but kind of crack the book and see that it has colored pencil drawings in it, with splashes of brilliant color. I say something about how I haven’t used this book in ages. I realize that I’m dreaming, become lucid.

I realize that although I am lucid, the level of sensory attachment to the dream state seems low. I decide that I need to smell, touch, and taste things. I stand up and lean my face against the wooden door frame, and smell the pine; it doesn’t seem very strong. I pick up what appears to be a soda straw from my desk and put the side of it in my mouth; it tastes really good, like lemonade or a soda. The sensation expands in my face, for lack of a better explanation.

Without a transition, I find myself sitting in a very tall chair. Like a bar stool or a child’s high chair, but about 15 feet or so up in the air. I have a cut on the second toe of my right foot; when I look at it, there is a little bright spot of red blood (ND Lights?) I look away and then back, and there are 2 spots now, one on the third toe as well. There is a box of Kleenex on the floor, but it seems far away – I reach out with my mind and grab a Kleenex, and lift it up to wrap around my toes. I don’t manage to make it wrap like it ought to, although I get the blood wiped off. Close examination of the foot reveals that it was only a tiny cut, no longer bleeding at all.

I see that there is a tiny hole in the door, like the size of a dog door. I don’t remember any other furniture in the room. I sort of fall forward to get off the tall stool, and swoop down and through the little door. The sensation of flight is strong. I squeeze through the door, and find myself in a living room. It isn’t any house I know. It reminds me of Aunt Marilyn’s house more than any other. I walk through the house to the front door, and go outside because I want to fly. When I reach the front door, it reminds me even more of Aunt Marilyn’s front yard. It looks like winter, with bare trees. I try to jump up into the air and fly, but can’t seem to get started. I wake up. *end*

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