Dream: Aunt Marilyn's Vietnam Trip

Dream 20020930, 3:00 AM:

I’m talking with Aunt Marylin, although she looks more like Gretchen – dark hair, pale makeup. She is saying something about a trip to Vietnam, and she invites me and Chris to go with her. It is very short notice – like a week from now. We talk about all the things that would be involved – passports, vaccinations.

There was another scene that I don’t remember well, but I remember Gretchen dancing, and Greg saying something about how she looks.

Then, I’m at some sort of a party or gathering, and Chris is here. Aunt Marilyn asks me something about whether I’ve told him – I haven’t. Chris says, “Told me what?” and I explain that she has invited us to join her on her trip to Vietnam. He is all excited, and we talk about the things we’ll have to do to get ready for the trip.

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