Dream: The Pitch Pine Woods

Dream 20020926, 4:00 AM:

I’m with a group of people on a large open trailer; it reminds me of a hay wagon ride. We are going down some piney woods roads. There are no houses, it seems like the roads may have been recently cut; there is no apparent development aside from the roads themselves, no storm sewers or lights.

As we’re traveling along, I keep seeing ripe blackberries on the sides of the road – I want to stop and pick some, because they look tasty. We don’t stop, though, until we get to a grass trail that leads into the woods. We are apparently looking for pitch pine; I don’t know what we’re doing with it. Someone starts explaining to the group what it looks like, pointing to a piece that is standing upright, looking like driftwood. We start spreading out through the woods to search.

I find a piece that looks like a sculpture of a griffin’s head; it is really pretty. I try to break it off whole, but fail to get the whole thing, and now it doesn’t look like much at all. I look closely at the wood, and there are tiny ants all over it, but I’m not concerned about them biting me. They seem not to be fire ants. *end*

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