Dream: Forgetting my Jacket

Dream 20020716, 5:00 AM:

Forgetting My Jacket

I am going to a theater show. Somehow, I have forgotten my jacket; I have to retrace my steps to find where I’ve left it. I have on the liner, which is all brightly colored plaids; I know that the jacket part buttons onto it. I finally locate the jacket, black and silky, in a dumpster – I button it onto the liner, and feel properly dressed. I go in to the theater. Cynthia Dorn is performing. She is late getting onto the stage, and spends the first part of her time explaining why she’s late.

This dream became blurry, and full of little dreamlets, as I drifted in and out of consciousness.

One was about a woman who is possessed – we are writing “Jesus” and drawing crosses on her with black marker, which makes her writhe and moan.

Then, I re-entered dreaming, and I’m writing my dreams down, but on a length of toilet paper, because I can’t find anything else. I am talking to two women; they sort of remind me of Joanna and Diane, but they’re not quite them. Then, I’m writing on a bar of dark-colored soap, like vanilla, with a stylus. I’m talking to these two women, saying, “They told me to get some new clothes and get a life – and that’s what I did. I’m sure they meant a new persona.” I’m thinking of some SCA friends who wanted me to change my SCA persona, but instead, I just focused on real world concerns. Then, I’m talking to one of the women about the cheese in the closet. It is grated cheddar, and there is a bunch of it. I say that it’s probably a ghost – because neither she nor I would leave cheese in the closet like that. Maybe a crumb or two would fall off a dress or a doublet (the closet appears full of costumes) but we wouldn’t leave a whole pile of cheese.

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