Dream: The Tornado Hand

Dream 20020715, 7:00 AM:

The Tornado Hand

There are tornadoes forming outside. It seems like I’m at the Avenel house, although some of the rooms seem different. I think Chris isn’t here, although I think I’ve talked to him on the phone at some point.

I can see the funnels forming, clouds swirling and turning in the sky. I take some pillows, and something small but thick, like a crib mattress, into the bathroom, but it is also the spare bedroom or Chris’s office – I can see out through the windows. The rain is coming down in a strong rhythm; it has a pattern, like a drum. Water comes through the air conditioner vent, and also through the windowsill. The tornadoes pass by, and I am covered up, and can see that they tear the top off the house, because it gets much brighter. I look out, and I can see another funnel forming – it looks like a piece of gray pipe drills downward, and then is followed by a man’s hand. It seems to move along with the tornado, and it thumps some of the houses with its finger – when it thumps a house, the house seems to pop, with a noise like a gunshot. I am seeing this almost as if it were on a map.

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