Dream: Test in Ms. Gurrley's Class

Dream 20020716, 7 AM:

Test in Ms. Gurrley’s Class

I’m in a high school classroom; we’re taking a test. I am writing the answers on a page in a spiral notebook; it is one that has the micro-perf pages, so they tear off neatly to hand in. At one point I drop the spiral, and it flips open to a different page, and I can see my notes – something about 1031. I think it’s not supposed to be an open-note test. The test is short answer, two or three typewritten pages stapled together. I get to number four, and it is about some monk or philosopher; I knew his name when I was in the dream, but forgot it on waking. The question asked, “What did you find most difficult about (name)?” My answer was, “His complicated God-concept and his elaborate grammar.” There are several more questions that I don’t get a chance to finish. The teacher reminds us to put her name, Ms. Gurrley, on the top corner of the paper. She reminds me of Dr. Rodgers. My writing is appallingly messy – it reminds me of the writing I do on my dream reports, almost illegible, and not following the lines well. I am actually thinking, within the dream, that it looks like dream-report writing.

For some reason, Ms. Gurrley is gone down the hall, and I need to turn my paper in. I go down the hall to look for her, but find a different teacher; a young woman with short blond-brown hair.

After this, a dream snippet – the KKK are burning a cross on the front lawn of my house. I am looking out through a big plate glass window, and see a Klansman silhouetted against the backdrop of flame light. He looks like he’s about to break the glass window. I am holding a loaded shotgun pointed at him, and I say under my breath, “Break the glass, and you are one dead bigot.”

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