Dream: Barbara Wall Mows the Lawn

Dream 20020625, 7:00 AM –

Barbara Wall Mows the Lawn

I’m at the Kingwood house. Barbara Wall shows up at the front door – a girl I knew in high school and college, kind of geeky but nice – and asks to borrow the lawnmower. She says, “I keep asking for favors, and never do you any.” I go out with her to the carport, where there is a big truck, with the bed cranked up like a dump truck, with a ramp down to the ground. There is a white lawnmower in the bed of the truck; it has a lot of levers and knobs. I roll it out, and start it up, showing her how to use it on the grass in the front lawn. I’m sort of having to figure it out as I go. I hand it over to her, and tell her to finish up mowing the lawn. I go inside, and do something else unrelated – I don’t remember what. I open up the front door, to find that she has finished, but left lots of tiny narrow strips. Some of the strips are just long grass, some have flowers in them; I tell her to finish the strips up, cutting off the iris, but leaving the roses.

Then, there is something vague about Joanna, and an organization that tried to mess with the lease system at the very end of their lease.

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