Dream: The Thirteenth Stud

Dream 20020627, 2:30 AM –

The Thirteenth Stud

I’m at a farm. There are mostly horses here, although I think there are cows in an adjacent field. One of the horses is my friend – I call him Prince. There is another horse here who is some sort of top stud – he gets all the best accommodations, food, and treatment. I don’t know why. It seems like there is some arrangement of types of horses – there are 12 regular types, and then the thirteenth type is special. My friend Prince is a really good horse, but he’s not able to compete with the other stud because he’s the thirteenth kind of horse. I remember doing some sort of math work on a piece of white card stock with a red pen, figuring it out – as if it was zodiacal. I think he’s called a “Natural Stud.”

I’m with some of the other horses, in a big pen. All of the pens have wooden split-rail fences. The other horses crowd around me, asking for my dirty clothes, or even some of the wash water that I wash them in – it’s like they want to drink the dirt from them. My friend Prince gets let into the stall with the big stud, and the big stud fucks him to teach him his place. He has Prince on his back, like in a human missionary position – I think that it looks very odd and uncomfortable for horses.

Later, I’m leading a huge black bull, taking him to the horse pens. I want to put him in the pen with the top stud, and see if he can top the stud horse.

Later still, I’ve gone away to college. I think that I’m out of college already, just going back to get a feel for it again. There are a bunch of kids here – they seem so young! The owners of the thirteenth stud come up to me at my house; they are trying to make reparations for the way I was raped long ago at the horse farm.

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