Dream: The Liquor Cart

Dream 20020622, 8 AM:

The Liquor Cart

I’m in a deserted looking downtown street. I have a cart, almost as tall as I am, full of liquor of various kinds; there are shelves and little slots on the cart where the bottles fit, plus a whole bunch on the top.

As I’m walking along with it, two bullies step out of a shadow, and act like they’re going to beat me up. I put the cart between myself and them, and start walking backward with it, looking over my shoulder to see if there is any place I can duck into and get away. I pour the bullies shots of hard liquor as I’m walking backward, and hand them across the top of the cart. One goes into a regular shot glass, the other goes into something that looks like a glass stopper, up-ended so that it’s hollow. It’s whiskey, or something like. They take the drinks, and drink them, but don’t stop walking menacingly toward me.

I catch Joanna out of the corner of my eye, and she sizes up the situation, and realizes that I need help. She ducks into a building, and comes out through the back, and then shows up in her Jaguar with another woman. They get out, and do a Chinese fire drill, walking around the car – but they’re both naked! I am surprised to see that Joanna has a big tattoo on her shoulder, like a soldier. I don’t recognize the other woman. The two women walking around the car distracts the bullies, and I jump into the car, or behind it.

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