Dream: Imprisoned Vision

Dream 20030507, 7:10 AM:

I am with Mom and Richard, and I think I’m either helping Richard dress, or going through my clothes. I recall handling clothes on hangers, and picking from them. Mom says something about going for dinner; she has a coupon, and thinks that it would be something I’d like. It’s for a steakhouse called Beaux or Beau’s, I don’t know which. I say something about her dropping me off at home afterwards; she says that she wasn’t planning on the two-hour drive, but then she starts getting things ready as if she’s going to take me. I explain that I just meant drop me off at the house in town; it’s not two hours away.

We drive along – and sometimes it seems like it’s Chris driving, not Mom. He’s driving a truck, although larger than his little Ranger. The road is eroded at the edges – the dirt has cupped away up under the edge of the concrete – and it makes me very nervous. We seem to be all right, though, despite a couple of close calls.

Then, I’m at a woman’s house. She is keeping me prisoner here. I have on special glasses that allow me to see; everything seems really blurry and huge, but she tells me that if I were to take them off, I’d be totally unable to see. I have an odd mixed feeling for her; I appreciate her taking care of me, but I also resent being trapped here. She doesn’t allow me to go outside or see anyone. Then, Mom shows up, and pushes the door open, and says, “Let’s get you out of those glasses.” She pulls the glasses off my face. Suddenly, I can see just fine, and I realize that the glasses were to make me feel dependent and helpless. Mom switches to Chris again, and tells me that we have to get out of here. He pulls me by the arm out through the door. The house is in the curve of the street on the mirror image of where the Kingwood house is, across the street from where the McDermotts used to live. The woman who has kept me prisoner is coming after us, trying to get me back. We jump into Chris’s truck, and start driving off. We realize that some of the animals are still back at her house, and so we back up and call to them – I remember Kego and Greysie coming out and getting into the truck. Kego looks like a much larger Aussie Shepherd. We keep watching the door, as if the woman is going to come out and get us. I have some feeling that if she gets hold of me, I will be trapped again.

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