Dream: Attacked in the Circle

Dream 20030506, 4:00 AM:

I’m at someone’s house – it seems like the Kingwood house, but it belongs to RBE, I think. We are doing a circle, I don’t remember what it’s for, but it’s for some sort of working. I remember the HPS walking around and around, and having to remake parts of the circle as people rearrange and shift.

There is some sort of malevolent force trying to get hold of me, and it keeps pulling/throwing me toward a corner of the room. I tell RBE that there is something outside the house that is a serious problem; he says yes, but we still ought to be able to block it out of the circle. I ask one of the others for a special necklace that she’s wearing; I call it something like “The Mighty Seven.” It’s a sigil, but looks vaguely like a number seven; it has a bunch of other smaller glyphs marked on it. It seems like silver cloissone, or some other kind of enameling, because it has some colors on the body of it. It’s huge, like the size of my open palm. She hands it to me, and I put it on. We try to go on with the ceremony, but I keep getting pulled/thrown into the corner; the necklace isn’t stopping whatever it is. It has a very definite hostile feel.

Then, RBE hands me a long wooden staff with a round sphere of crystal on the top. I move forward so that I’m within the round space of the circle proper, and I plunge it into the earth (I know that we were inside, but it doesn’t seem like I plunged it into the floor – it seems like soft black dirt.) I sit down on the ground with my back to the staff, with a sort of “so there!” attitude. It seems to be stopping whatever the problem was. As we continue, and the HPS remakes the circle yet again, I can hear and see the protective aura of the staff zapping things that are trying to interfere. They glow in a sort of magenta fluorescence when they hit the barrier; they’re mostly just little blobs of light. I feel almost smug.

The “circle” ends up getting expanded to include a couple of rooms in the house. I still don’t have any clear sense of a particular point to this ritual. I remember that there is a woman in the washing machine (?) who is drawing cartoon representations of several of us in different comic-book styles. They kind of remind me of Blackfox cartoons.

After the business of the circle is completed, I decide to go outside and see what was causing the disruption. I know that it’s outside the house, in the direction from which I was getting attacked. I was sitting in the corner of the dining room by the window and the buffet; I figure the problem is coming from behind the garage. When I am walking around the back yard, there is another figure there – it seems simultaneously like a small boy, or a dog. Whichever it is, the boy/dog tells me that there’s a dead person in the camper, and points – sure enough, there is a cab-over type truck camper parked behind the garage, and there is a gross-looking rotting corpse in the passenger seat. His angry spirit is obviously the source of the problem.

Without any apparent transition, I’m talking to an extra-large (like 30 pound) charcoal gray rabbit. I know that somehow the dead man has been transformed into the rabbit. I kneel down and pet him, and he jumps up and licks and nibbles on my fingers. I remark that he seems much happier now, and that being a rabbit is probably much better than being dead in the cab of the truck. He seems really friendly, and is exceptionally fuzzy and soft. I stand up and walk into the back porch area, and see two similar-sized rabbits dead on the cement; ants are swarming all over one of them; it looks like it has been gutted, and the ants are crawling on its belly. The one with the ants is black and white spotted, the other one is colored orange like a marmalade cat.

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