Dream: Eggs of Different Kinds of Birds LUCID

Dream 20030304, 7:15 AM:

I am traveling down a path that is made of plastic and submerged about an inch deep in clear water. It looks like a swimming pool slide, except that the path has several tracks in it running parallel. It seems to move me without effort, like an automated pathway. There are a couple of other peple here with me, and we are traveling through some kind of garage, and this path is going to take us to a stop where we will get off and walk inside a building. The path curves to the left, and where the curve leaves a corner of the garage space with no path, there is a deep area of the clear water; I look at it and wonder if I could go swimming in it.

Then, a man who is standing at the water’s edge says something to me; he recognizes me, although I can’t place where he could know me from. I get off the water path, because I am now at my destination. The man who said hello is sitting behind an information desk. He looks a lot like RBE. He reaches out and shakes my hand, but it feels very strange, like our fingers intertwined instead of a regular handshake. Somehow that knocked his ring off, and it falls to the ground in front of me – I bend down and pick it up and hand it to him, because he is behind the desk. It is big enough for me to fit two fingers inside, and looks like silver with the top part being almost an inch wide. It looks almost more like a napkin ring than a finger ring. The top part is made up of triangular pieces of a tortoise-shell colored inlay. When I hand him the ring, he hands me a little dark stone, which I put in my pocket. There is another stone already in there, and I pull them out and look at both; the one I had already is more translucent, not as black.

I go inside the building. It is like a large mall. I keep walking, and get into a section that is a Creative Fragrances office. It is all black and modern, with low lighting. Laura is here, in a small office tucked inside of a hallway; she is working on a computer. I pick up an order, and then walk by and talk to her a little. I am thinking about some soap mold as I’m talking, and I get distracted and can’t focus on the conversation. I walk out.

Walking along the hallway of the mall, everything is empty with mirrored windows on each side. There is a woman walking along with me, and we are talking. I catch a reflection of myself in one of the mirrors, and notice that I have long hair in a ponytail, and I am shirtless. I remark to my friend that I’m wearing a green flannel shirt, tugging on my cuff to demonstrate. I become lucid, realizing that things don’t add up. When I look back up at the mirrored windows, my reflection is now wearing the same shirt. I remark on how amazing it is that the dreaming brain can assimilate all the angled reflections; there are doors and windows at various angles, and the reflections are all right. I skip a little, and drag my feet on the floor, to increase the dreambody sensation. The lucidity seems to fade a little; I don’t totally lose touch, but the sense of being totally “there” sort of trails off.

We go outside, somehow skipping the canal part. She is helping me carry stuff, and we have a shopping cart. The cart tips, and it pitches forward, and some of the stuff is thrown to the ground. I pick up an egg carton full of eggs, which are now broken – I pick through some of them, and there are all kinds of sizes, from swan to wren, although most of them are white or brown. I remark with amazement that these are the eggs of lots of different kinds of birds. There is a man with a horse on the path, and he asks us to move the cart so that he can get by. We go back into the building, trying to get back to Creative, but they close at five, and I think that we will have to go some place else. *end*

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