Dream: Bread in the Slave Camp

Dream 230030304, 5:30 AM:

I am in a place that seems to be like a concentration camp. It is somewhere in Eastern Europe; everyone is dark-haired and pale-skinned. There are rows and rows of beds in a large building, and the beds are draped with heavy red cloth hanging from testers all the way to the floor. It reminds me of my bed in college. The camp makes bread, and there are big gray marble slabs up above some of the beds; somehow the prisoners use them to make black-market bread which they smuggle out. A guard finds these, and the people hiding them get caught.

Then, I am in a room, and someone is explaining that now, all the bread will be made in the new way by machine. There is a machine here that looks like a piece of handmade wooden farm equipment, like a feed trough, but it has a couple of levers and stuff. It is full of a brownish flour. I push a button on the wall, and water swirls into it, and one of the parts starts to move back and forth, turning the water into dough. It just picks up flour, leaving a lot in the trough.

Then, I’m watching as a woman takes a girl to the guards to be raped. They take her off between two of them. I grab the woman by the arm, and tell her that if they hurt the girl, I will kill her. She gets very angry with me.

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