Dream: Brian's Whale and the Go Cards LUCID ND

Dream 20021019, 7:10 AM:

[NOTE: my dream intent was to visit Bear and Eagle in the Mountains and play in the snow.]

I am over at Brian’s house (Lobo) and I’m here to bring him something. I’m not sure what. I knock, although the door is open; his Dad is sitting in a recliner chair in the living room which is not far from the door, and tells me to come on in. There are a couple of other people here now as well; I think they’re all members of his family. His Dad explains to me that Brian’s not home, but I could save them all some trouble by taking back this battery they have at the house. He starts getting everyone to give me some money; I think there is some fee for the place to take the battery back, and they’re splitting the cost. I feel vaguely uncomfortable, as if this is something I shouldn’t be doing, or taking the battery could be risky. It seems like they’re giving me a lot more money than necessary, too.

Then, I walk down the hallway by the door just a little, and I see through the side-light window that there are some green lizards on a brilliant red ceramic planter or bowl. I remark that they are unusual looking; they are brighter green than the anoles that I grew up with, and they are more sturdy and thick through the body. There are two, maybe more. I look at them carefully, and realize that they’re a kind I’ve never seen before. I realize that I’m dreaming, and become lucid.

I continue on down the hallway, and go past an opening that leads out onto a back porch. Looking out there, I realize that what I thought at first was an atrium is actually a HUGE tank full of water, and there is a whale in it. I think at first that it is an orca, but then it comes toward us and I realize how big it is, and that it’s a Right Whale or a Gray. I want to go into the tank and play with it, and I realize that I can go through the glass, because I’m dreaming. I pass through the glass with some resistance, and I am surprised that I don’t feel the pressure of all that water on me. I feel like I’m floating in air. The whale comes up from below and pushes me upward like the ones do at Sea World, and I fly into the air a little bit at the end, and land back in the water. I go back through the glass of the tank, and on into the dining room. As I pass through the glass again, I notice that my fingers go through last; I hold them above my head as I go through, and a little behind me. I look up and see the marks of where my fingers were, like dimples in the glass, and they heal up and smooth as I watch them. I’m clean and dry when I get out, like the water all stayed in the tank.

We go into the dining room, and sit down around a big dining table. The woman, whom I assume is Brian’s mom, is pouring all kinds of stuff into a bowl and eating it – I think everyone but me is eating, but she’s the one I watch. She starts with cereal, then cottage cheese (and I think, I could have some cottage cheese – probably the only thing there I could eat) then something that looks like Ore-Ida potato wedges out of a bag, still steaming with frost from the freezer. She is eating as she goes, sort of alternating between pouring stuff into the bowl and eating. It looks kind of gross. She has chin-length blond hair, and seems very friendly. The Dad and at least one other family member are also sitting at the table, but I don’t notice faces as much. I explain that I’m here in a dream, that I’m really at home sleeping while I visit. They nod, in an “isn’t that nice” sort of way, and keep right on with their dining. I mention again that I’m dreaming, but they obviously don’t want to talk about that, so I let the subject drop. I ask how long they’ve had the whale – the Dad says that they just got it, just a few minutes ago, because they knew I was going to be coming over. I tell them that was awfully nice of them, and I really enjoyed being in the tank with it.

I explain that I have to go and visit Bear and Eagle. I think I have a note of some sort to remind me of this, but I don’t recall it clearly. I stand up, and am thanking them for inviting me in and letting me swim with their whale, then I wake up. I walk down the hallway, and out the door, and I look and see the reflection of a young man with long brownish hair in the glass of the window beside the door. He reminds me of the long-haired guy I saw in a locker room in a dream a few weeks ago. I look down, and see the green lizards, and realize that I’m still dreaming. I go back inside, and I’m doing a little dance, hopping from foot to foot, saying, “I’m Still Dream-Ing! I’m-Still-Dream-Ing!” I feel very excited, because I thought the dream was over. The Nova Dreamer lights flash, and this only serves to confirm that I’m still dreaming. I know they flashed earlier, but I don’t remember when.

I want to go to the Mountain and see Bear and Eagle now. The house is empty except for me; I think everyone else disappeared when I had the false awakening. I realize that I am far from the mountains, and I need to find a portal to get there, or at least get closer. I start looking around and find a closet door. I sketch an image of the mountain with Bear and Eagle on the door with my finger tip, and open the door; unfortunately, it’s full of stuff, so much so that stuff is spilling out when I open the door. I reach out and take hold of one fabric book bag, and rub it between my fingers to test and make sure it’s really there.

I find another closet door; this one is only half-height, and below it is an air conditioner vent. I open it, and it’s full of dishes; I try to remember the opening sequence that worked on the fence panel the other day, and try opening it in the opposite direction, but it’s still full of the same dishes. Then I look up and see another door next to the one I’m working with that says, “Open This.” I do, and inside is a bunch of printed material, mostly white booklets that remind me of appliance manuals. I try to read one of them, and when I open it up, it is hard for me to focus on the text. After significant effort, I see the words “CAVALON DREAMS” across the top of the first page, in a wide pretty typeface. The paper is cream, and the type is sepia.

I keep looking through the stuff in this cabinet. I am looking for a Go Card – I know that if I can find just the right picture of Bear and Eagle and the Mountain, I’ll be able to enter the picture and go there. As I look through the cabinet, there are a couple of little compartments inside of the cabinet that flip open, and seem to just have more paper stuff inside. Then, I find some magazines wrapped in clear plastic. They are all about dreaming, and the front covers look like paintings of surreal scenes. I look at one that has a picture of a woman and an alien on the front, then another that has a scene on the front that I don’t focus on mostly, just on a tree in the background. I think that it’s close to what I need, and there will be another illustration inside that I can use as a Go Card. I have an image of what the “real” Go Cards would look like; they’re large pasteboard squares with landscape scenes on them, and I know that they are a dream tool that I should have because they are so useful. The Nova Dreamer lights flash again, and this time I wake on up.

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  1. lobotex
    lobotex says:

    I feel vaguely uncomfortable, as if this is something I shouldn’t be doing,

    If my family is trying to get you to do something, it probably isn’t something you should be doing in the first place… hence the extra cash. 🙂

    Cool dream, btw.

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