Dream: Dolly Parton and the House Party Concert

Dream 20021019, 4:20 AM:

The first image I have in this dream is of being outside at a neighbor’s house, on the corner of Avenel and Bee. I don’t remember what happened there, just that I was there.

Then, I find myself at a house in the midst of a big party. Dolly Parton is here, wearing a navy and white gingham blouse tied up at the waist; she’s just mingling with the crowd. Apparently some people talk her into singing, and she gets up and starts to sing. There are lighting and sound technicians trying to set up the lights and microphones for her while she’s singing, which seems kind of odd because it’s just a little group at a party, not a concert hall. They are buzzing around her like worker bees.

I’m lying on the floor near where she’s singing. There is a woman in front of me wearing a bad wig; I notice that the roots of it are in little clumps, like doll hair. It’s black, or dark brown. I see a commercial in my head that I associate with her; it has to do with glitter. I see purple earrings in the shape of spirals covered in glitter, then I see martini glasses with swirls of similar glitter around the glass in a ruby red. I go upstairs, and for some reason there are naked men here; I think they are our hosts.

Outside, I’m in a stadium seating area that seems to be high up. There is a black woman with a flute playing little pieces of song, and a man whistling back to her in echoes. I try to do the whistling part, but I don’t get it quite right; she corrects me and has the man repeat the same sequence so that I can understand what I did wrong. Then, there are a bunch of people having some sort of baloon fight. One person is trying to eat or chew on a balloon, I can’t tell if she’s just trying to get the knot out with her teeth. Someone mentions that baloons are poisonous and she shouldn’t be eating them.

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