Dream: Coins on the Hillside

Dream 20021015, 1:00 AM:

I’m with Chris, on a hillside beside Grandmother’s old house in the woods. The hill slopes down from the opposite side of the street from where their front gate is, and there is a corner of an iron fence on this side too (there wasn’t, in real life, when Grandmother and Granddad lived there.) The hillside is covered with coins of all denominations, seems like they’re all silver colored, dimes and nickels and quarters. There are also lots of pieces of glass and other stuff. I pick up one of those three-tiered hanging wire baskets and start to fill it with coins and other stuff. I tell Chris, who is lying down on the grass beside the spill of debris, that some of the glass pieces would be good to tumble. They look like big chunks from art-glass pieces, not like bottle glass. I see a chain that looks like it’s melted together with some other stuff; I pick the stuff off of it, because I realize that the chain is sterling. It’s a Figaro link with a lobster claw clasp. I pick up a piece of something reflective, and look at my image in it; it looks like a delicate silverpoint drawing on green paper, and I’m a woman with long hair and glasses. It seems like I’m from the sixties, but I don’t notice any particular details that make me think so aside from the hair cut, which is kind of a straight layered cut. I check my reflection in two or three different shiny pieces, and it looks slightly different each time, but substantially the same.

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