Dream: Hutch Full of Animals

Dream 20021015, 3:30 AM:

I’m in the blue bedroom at the Kingwood house. It’s my bedroom now, although it’s arranged differently than when I lived there. There is a large multi-part animal hutch in the corner opposite the door, where the fish aquarium used to be a long time ago. There are cages for a couple of different kinds of animals, all incorporated into the one large plywood cage; parts of it have solid bottoms, parts have wire mesh bottoms, some parts have glass in front, others wire mesh. Deborah’s here as well. She lies on the bed watching me for most of this dream.

At first, I think there were only turtles in the terrarium-like part, and a rabbit in the meshed part. Then, chicks start popping out of nowhere in the terrarium part; I don’t know if the eggs were buried under the soil or what. They look like 2-3 day old chicks, neatly fluffed out but still very tiny. At first I only see one, then another, then there are four total. I pick one up, because its foot looks wrong, but I think it’s OK, just that foot is a little malformed.

I am looking at them, trying to decide what to do with them. I think they won’t do well with the turtles. There are eight turtles, ranging in size from very tiny to mid-sized; they all seem like babies still though. I realize that the chicks can live in the side where the rabbit is, because he’s got a light over there and that’s what they need. I look at the rabbit and pick him up. He is a tawny buff color, and I remark that he’s some fancy type. I think he previously belonged to Hattie, and he either got loose or she couldn’t keep him, and so I kept him here. I talk to Hattie about him.

Then, Deborah tells me that she found a piece of my clothing in her stuff; I ask her what it was, but she just shrugs and says that she doesn’t remember, she burned it. I’m a little hurt, but it doesn’t bother me much.

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