Dream: Clocks in Momma's Kitchen – LUCID but brief

Dream 20020804, 5:30 AM:

Clocks in Momma’s Kitchen – LUCID but brief

I am watching a video, or the TV, and there are a bunch of women doing a workout, like aerobics class. But on looking at it more, I realize that they’re really not women – I think they’re transsexuals or transvetites, and they’re also using sex toys in their workout, along with the workout moves and machinery. It is very funny.

Then, I get up and go into the other room. I realize that I’m dreaming, and I walk down the hall looking at my hands and what I can see of my body, which is mostly my chest and belly. I get into the kitchen, but it’s at Mom and Dad’s house, and I remember to look at the clocks to prove to myself that I’m dreaming. I look, and they are all digital clocks and all blank. I look away and then look back, and one of them says 1:09. I look again, and all are blank again. Mom is here, and I explain to her why I’m looking at the clocks, and that I’m dreaming now.

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