Dream: The French Guy's Cell Phone Bill

Dream 20020803, 4 AM:

The French Guy’s Cell Phone Bill

I’m sitting across a counter from a young man, he has a heavy accent that I think is French. He has brought me two statements, which are little half-sheets of paper. I think they are his cell phone bills. He has colored over some of the information printed on them with red and black circles; they go right down the center of the statements, I think there are 3 or 4 on each of the bills. The red and black circles are more intensely colored than anything else on the bills. As he talks, I can see a LDC display in his mouth, like under his tongue, and I think it’s connected to his cell phone somehow.

Then, I find myself walking along streets that seem to be like highways; they are empty, though, with no cars, and they are too small to be car streets, they look almost more like pedestrian trails just patterned like highways. There are a lot of them, though – it is like the Mix Master downtown. I miss my exit, and keep on walking; I think to myself at one point that since I’m just walking, I could turn around and go back and take the right turn, but I don’t, because I think I can get there another way. I find myself outside a bunch of old buildings and woods. Chris is here as well, and we’re trying to figure out what we’re doing.

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