Dream: The Boarding House on the Hill

Subj: Dream 20020726, 5:15 AM:

The Boarding School House on the Hill

The front end of this dream fractured upon waking; I tried to catch it all, but couldn’t.

I remember standing in a grocery store line, I’m holding something like a Palm Pilot computer, making marks on it with a tiny thing like a plastic toothpick. Somone asks me why I don’t come out more often, and I make some joke about being able to lick my own balls, who needs to leave the house?

I have this image of breasts, with large round pink nipples. I think that I’m thinking about marrying a woman. I don’t know why.

Then, I’m talking about some old woman who lives at the school where I am working – she has been there since the fifties or sixties. I remember saying something about why did she choose all those files for them – there is some sort of police investigation going on, and they’re doing something with her computer files. I see the school, which is a tall, upright house-like building on top of a hill. It looks like it was built at the turn of the century – white or pale gray, with wooden siding. Many of its windows are boarded up, and I know that those belong to the area that’s not used any more. I am talking to some other man, and he says something about, “Back then, a lot of girls didn’t even MAKE it to the school.” I think it used to be a boarding school for pregnant girls; I’m not sure if it still is.

I go upstairs into the room where the old woman lives, and there are FBI agents or cops in there – they are going through her files. She is in another part of the room, and it takes a minute for me to realize what she’s doing; she’s got a bunch of reel-to-reel tapes with their end caps off, and she’s got a magnet, and she’s stroking the tapes to erase them. The FBI guy realizes what she’s done, but now she’s about finished. I ask her why she’s doing it, and she says there are things they just don’t need to know. I get the feeling that it’s nothing incriminating, but just intensely private.

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