Dream: Crossing the Lines of Light

Subj: Dream 20020726, 12:30 AM:

Crossing the Lines of Light

I’m in some sort of strange totalitarian world. It seems like we live in a field, in a place that goes back and forth between seeming like a sheltered side of a hill, and a two-story little wooden box.

Chris is here with me, but lives in a different part. Early on in the dream, he is bringing me food – we have to sneak the food, because we’re not allowed to have it – and I am waiting at a hillside beside this big collection of wires and such for him to come with it. Watching the wires, I recognize that they are part of a security system; there is one line that appears to be just a stream of light, like a laser, but white and with some slack in it. Chris arrives, and starts as if to walk through the line, but I point it out to him, and he walks down hill a little to an area where it is close to the ground so he can step over it. He brushes it a little, but not enough to set it off, and it doesn’t call the guards. We go to my little house, which at this point seems like just a sheltering hill, and we eat.

There are a lot of guards here. It seems like they are involved in a complex system of corruption. One guard allows me to sneak food, but makes me watch as he arranges for killings and infidelities in some of the families. I remember watching from behind a wall, as he shouts through a knothole and makes one person leave, so that another will get caught doing something. I think. This part is a little hazy. I feel like I watch a couple of different people getting killed.

I remember going inside the little box that we live in, and Mom is here too – I am inside, in the lower portion, and I know that I’m supposed to sleep in the upper portion, but I am feeling sad and need company. I remember thinking that I wish I was a woman, so that I could be held. I stretch out on a section of floor, and I’m thinking I could sleep here, even though it’s not long enough for me to fit easily. I think the upper level is longer, or there is a bed that fits me better.

Guards come, and with a device similar to a fork lift, they pick up the box house and begin to move it along. I am trapped inside the lower level, with the door area obscured by the lifting part of the forklift. It has belts on it, which lower and raise the arm that has gripped the house; I know that if I lean against the belts, it could pinch me and hurt me badly. There are two big belts, crossing themselves in a sort of two-triangles shape, points to the center. They are wrapped around big pulleys, and remind me of the bottom of a mower deck. Only one of the belts is wrapped around its pulleys right; the other is just hanging from its pulleys. I think that maybe I could derail the working one and stall the fork lift, but then I realize that it would only interfere with the lifting mechanism and get us in trouble, it wouldn’t affect the machine’s ability to move our house.

We end up in a different section. Somehow, we are able to right a lot of wrongs – I remember that we enlist the aid of animals, specifically an elephant, to help us – I think there is some sort of entertainment involved, like a carnival or circus. Also, we are able to sneak things to the modern world.

Then, I’m in the modern world. It seems like there is some sort of tiny interface; it’s not large enough to pass a person through, to let them be free, but it can pass items through. Someone passes through some gluten-free item; I don’t know what it is, but someone in the dream tells me that it’s worth some money. He takes it some place and sells it, and I ask later what he’s doing – he tells me that he’s collecting the eighty-four thousand dollars that it was worth. Then, later, I’m looking at trays with some sort of wrapped food item, they look like the kind of desserts you could get from vending machines. They are multi-layered, with the main body consisting of layers of crispy-looking stuff that has ripples like lasagna noodles, and then a top layer that looks like chocolate with icing. I keep thinking they’re made from potatoes. I know that it is something that was developed using the other gluten-free item that was passed through the portal. I look at someone and say this was probably worth even more money – he looks at me and confirms that yes, it was – a lot. I feel like it’s millions, I think we got some sort of patent on it.

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