Dream: Tents in the Rain

Dream 20020712, 6:30 AM:

Tents in the Rain

I’m at some sort of large outdoor party, like a wedding reception. There is a big square of white tents set up, with an open area in the middle. Everyone is visiting, laughing and having a good time, and then the sky opens up and it begins to rain heavily. Everyone gets under the tents, and then they decide to start playing in the rain. People are picking up some sort of party decoration – they look like the plastic eggs that you would put in an Easter basket, but much larger – like the size of basketballs. Some are pale pink, some are pale blue. People are waving them around and singing; I think they may also be catching rain in them. The people are arranged around the inside of the square of tents, like they’re playing some sort of game.

I walk through the tents, trying to find another set of the plastic eggs. I see some friends of mine, one in particular is a heavy-set black woman with short, close-combed hair. She has one of the sets of eggs, but is just holding them – I ask her why she didn’t join the big group, and she tells me she didn’t want to. I have stuff on my hands, I think from picking up things that were wet – I try to wash them in a big puddle on the seat of a barstool-like tall chair, but there is something gritty in the water, like corn meal, and it gets stuck on my hands too.

Geoff and Rose Stewart Cathan from the Houston SCA group come by; they have a huge multi-layer chocolate cheesecake, and they are giving everybody pieces from it. I want a piece too, and I go up and get a plate to get a piece. I realize that it already has a piece on it, but Geoff puts another piece on top of it for me. I think about it, and realize that I probably can’t eat it – I start looking to see if it has a crust, and I am about to ask Geoff about what’s in it, when the dream ends.

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