Dream: The Houston Dentist

Dream 20020714, 6:00 AM:

The Houston Dentist

I’m at the Kingwood house. Cousins Kathy and Shawn are here also. For some reason, we decide that Kathy and I want to go to the Houston Public Library. We go outside and get into Shawn’s truck; somehow, it shifts, though, and we are in Kathy’s sedan. She is driving. We head toward Houston, and I am giving her directions. She pulls out a big bottle of whiskey, takes a swig of it and passes it to Shawn. I explain to her that Texas has an open container law, and she can’t drink and drive, but she seems unconcerned. I am sitting in the back seat, and Shawn passes the bottle to me. I shrug, and take a drink myself. Kathy drinks something that looks like chocolate milk from a glass; she refills it from a pitcher or thermos, and passes it to me, saying it will cut the edge off the whiskey. It is also alcoholic, but sweet – tastes like Kahlua and milk.

I realize that I’m not sure how to get to the library. We stop at a shopping mall to call and get directions. I also realize that it’s nearly midnight, and the library won’t be open this late. I find out that my dentist has an office in this mall, and I need to have my teeth cleaned while we are here. Kathy and Shawn wander around the mall while I see the dentist. I have something like sticky brown caramel on my teeth; it looks like he’s showing me photos, not X-rays. The hygeinist scrapes the stuff off. There is one spot that concerns the dentist; it looks similar to the rest, but is larger and darker.

Now, Kathy is watching Krista’s baby. Krista is also here somehow. Kathy is feeding the baby mashed beans, and Krista gets back and is upset because the beans will upset the baby’s stomach.

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