Dream: Lynne Richardson's Play

Dream 20020709, 6:00 AM:

Lynne Richardson’s Play

I’m in a restaurant, and I see Lynne Richardson at a booth near mine. I go over and say hello to her. She has a female friend with her whom I should recognize, but don’t; she introduces me, kidding me about not remembering.

Then, I’m sitting at a table with Lynne and some other people. They’re working on designing a theatrical production, and somehow I’m helping them. We’re looking at a big three-panel display board that has samples of different decorative motifs, fabrics, etc. – I think these are basic stock choices that we can use to put together the stage sets. I remember some Art Nouveau style designs, and several different kinds of fabric, as well as some samples showing how things would go together.

They get up and go to work on some stuff, and I go to a vending machine that has all kinds of food in it; it’s shaped like my dehydrator, with stacked round trays. I push a button, and one of the trays spins as it microwaves a slice of pizza, then a hatch opens and it drops out. I get a piece of lasagna too, then realize that I can’t eat either of them. I take them back to the table, because I know somebody will be able to eat them. When everybody gets back to the table, there are trays of cookies and stuff – I think these are something I got somehow – and they thank me for them and eat.

Later, I’m backstage of where the production is being staged. I’m looking for something that I shouldn’t be – I don’t know what, but it seems like I’m digging for some kind of secret, looking through fabric pieces. I hear a noise, and duck behind a box; C.P. Henry comes around the corner and sees me, and asks me to come and look at something with him. We go and look at a shelving unit that has lots and lots of fabric on it – he moves a tube from a bolt, and a rat runs out. I pick up one of the empty tubes, and bop the rat on the head, killing it; I knock it onto a piece of cardboard and drop it in the trash bin. There are a couple of things that look sort of like little rats, but they’re just rat fur balls. I think they may have droppings in them. There is another rat, though, and I pick up a steel ruler and smack it with the edge. I put it into the trash can with the other one.

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