Dream: Volcanoes in Tempe, Arizona

Dream 20020707, 7:30 AM:

Volcanoes in Tempe, Arizona

I’m with a group of friends; we are hiking in hills and mountain areas north of Tempe, Arizona. We start to see lots of volcanic activity – steam issuing from rocks, some rocks glowing red hot. We start to run toward town to get away from it – I realize that it will go up like St. Helen’s. One whole stratum of a canyon heats to glowing red, and steam fills the little valley we’re in. We run on. I see a wall made with beige stones squared like bricks, and a big green-golden thing half-buried in sand. I start to pick it up, but have to drop it and run on.

We get into a building that reminds me of a McDonald’s, but it has cobalt and white tiles on all the counters. I use their phone to dial 911, and tell them that we were up in the mountains and saw lots of vulcanism going on.

I drew a map when I woke, showing a freeway or river curving through a square state, and a dot and an area that represents the volcanic activity – it corresponds very closely to the actual map of Arizona, showing where Tempe is on the freeway near Phoenix.

As I’m walking home down Avenel, someone is following me in a car – I am concerned about them, like they will try to do me harm. They drive fast down the alley, and come slowly backward shining a light in the yards from behind. I lay flat on the ground in front of a house, thinking that if I can escape detection by being in front of the house (where they can’t see me) I’ll be able to get up and run to the house once they’ve passed.

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