Dream: Jim Own's and Throw's

Dream 20020704, 7:15 AM:

Jim Own’s and Throw’s

I’m flying past huge houses – one has a sign that says, “Park Cities Heritage House,” another building has a big sign that says, “Jim Own’s and Throw’s.” I think it’s a pottery. I fly through a redbud tree. Grandpa is here; he tells me that they chose a house in the city, because it reminds them of Coffeyville. Dad says, that before too long I ought to make a photo album.

I am taking photos from an album; I flip them over, and make note of a print number, so that I can get replacements. Each picture has a lot of writing on the back; it’s like they have little letters on them. Some of them, I think, are Chris’s pictures.

When I wake, I have a strong but isolated image of brown candies, like M&M’s, falling in a dark place. They could be coffee beans.

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